Blogger Recognition Award

So I’ve only done gone and got myself nominated for a blogger recognition award! I was completely flabbergasted and incredibly honoured to have received such a huge nod from the blogging community – thank you for your support!

Now, in order to accept this wonderful award there are a couple of rules I need to abide by – so here goes!

Firstly I need to thank the person who nominated me and link to their blog, so here’s a thank you and shout out to infertilityandlife a beautifully written blog which touches such a raw nerve with me. I’ve enjoyed “getting to know you” and wish you all the best on your continued journey.

Secondly I’m required to write a post to showcase my award – tick! I’m then to give a brief story of how I started my blog, give two pieces of advice to new bloggers and then nominate up to 15 other bloggers who I want to give this award to. I’ll then comment on each of their blogs, giving them a heads up on their nomination with a link to this post!

Sound complicated? I think I’ve got the hang of it!

I actually, only recently, wrote a post about why I blog and having re-read it before starting to tap away at this piece decided that the main reason is simply; I love to write. I felt like I hadn’t done anything solely for me in a while and was desperate for a creative outlet. I’d always been terrified about the technical side of blogging but decided to bite the bullet, teach myself a thing or two and enjoy that feeling of pride once I’d got started! And I’m so incredibly pleased I did! Alongside my love of writing, I’m also big on sharing, whether that be my garbled thoughts, parenting ‘advice’ or discussing my long journey to motherhood. Infertility completely sucks and there were times when I felt so incredibly lonely, I kind of figured that if I could help just one person feel less alone then that would be a good start. Infertility is not something to be ashamed of, it shouldn’t sit quietly in a dark corner hiding away, so come one, let’s break this taboo.

Now I’m incredibly new to this blogging malarkey and therefore giving advice to new bloggers feels incredibly strange as I’m aware I’ve rather a lot to learn myself too! I would however advise anyone out there to (1) enjoy it and (2) not put pressure on yourself. Life does get busy, there’s not always time, writers block can be common but don’t let that take away the joy of writing. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve not had time to write for a while or can’t think what to pen next – we’re all only human hey?

So who do I want to nominate! So many of those I would like to have already been nominated and so I’ve listed just a few that I don’t think have but think deserve the award…

The Shameful Sheep

Jessica Hugo Inspire

Life according to Jade

Living the Chaos

Musing Mum

Here’s hoping all the links have worked! I’d love to re-nominate Infertility and Life but am aware you’ve already been bestowed with this award!

And so that was my piece! After just a couple of months of blogging I’m incredibly chuffed to receive a nomination, plus it gave me a very valid excuse reason to have a celebratory glass of wine on a none drinking day too!

Here’s to you fellow bloggers and loyal followers – I honestly can’t thank you enough for your support, likes and follows and look forward to sharing my next post!

Caro xx


4 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Excellent post!! Right in the spirit of it, well done!! Thanks for your kind words as well, they are so nice to hear. I’m going to check out a few of your nominees tonight and see what they’re about. Thanks Caro 😊 xx

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