Our Gazillion Bubbles Party

You might remember that just last week we received two rather giant boxes filled with lots of fun things for us to feature here at The Cuckoo Mama! Well, here’s what was in the first…

It was with HUGE excitement that we were asked to host a Gazillion bubbles party! The sun was shining, Sam’s friends were coming to join in the bubbly fun and we had a whole host of bubbles to play with!

In our party kit we had:


Giant Incredi-bubble wand RRP £9.99
Gazillion Crazy wands RRP £3.99 per pack
Gazillion Bubbles tornado bubble machine RRP £14.99 and of course lots and lots of
Gazillion Bubbles premium solution 2L RRP £6.99!

Sam simply couldn’t wait for his friends and so, as we were setting things up, we released the crazy wands. I’m actually very keen to play with these when Sam’s not around so I can get a turn!


Finally everyone arrived and the bubble bonanza began! On went the Tornado..


The Gazillion Bubbles Tornado


… And bubbles flew everywhere! There were squeals of delight and a lot of chasing around the garden trying to catch them! If ever anyone wants to tire a child out for nap time, I can highly recommend!

It was then the turn of the Giant Incredi-bubble wand…


After a quick lesson in how to use the wand, the boys picked it up incredibly quickly and were soon making their own giant bubbles ready to charge and, of course, POP!

The giant incredi-bubble wand


It was lovely watching the boys create the bubbles themselves.



We definitely had, wait for it… gazillions of fun!

We were incredibly lucky with the sunshine but, even if it had rained, the good ole British weather wouldn’t have put a downer on our party; Gazillion bubbles solution is non-toxic and non-staining so the sets are great for indoor play too!

The boys, and mums, really did have huge amounts of fun and amazingly, no fall-outs over sharing as there were, definitely, plenty of bubbles to chase!



A big thanks to the stars of our show; James, Jesse, Sam and Samuel, and our model mum Tamsin!

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