Tonka Diecast review & competition!

And once again it’s back to those brown paper packages, but this time for some Tonka fun! There’s also a chance for you to win too…

We were asked to try out:

IMG_9877 (2)

Tonka Diecast Big Rigs – RRP £6.99 (back left & right)
Tonka Diecast Monster Trucks – RRP £6.99 (front left & right) and
Tonka Diecast Emergency Three Pack – RRP £11.99 (featured in the middle!)
All are available to buy at Asda, who currently have 25% off TONKA, in-store, until 11th July, as part of their Roll-Back campaign. Or you can buy online at Amazon.

Never being one to shy away from an opportunity for imaginative play, Sam and I decided to create our very own Tonka Diecast Dinosaur Den! ROAR!

The dinosaurs might have been vicious beasts but luckily we had the Monster Trucks, with their massive monster wheels, and Tonka tough Big Rigs there to lend a hand. Although, in all honesty, they did end up causing a spot of mayhem and the emergency vehicles were called in to save the day, entering the Dinosaur Den via our tunnel… which was a HUGE hit!

Sam loves playing with cars. It’s been such a wonderful experience watching him go from simply pushing, anything with wheels, to inventing a story around his play. Being a small person with copious amounts of energy, he’s not exactly the most delicate being with his belongings, and it’s a relief that he can be boisterous with these Tonka toys – they’re very sturdy and tough. Which, I guess they have to be considering that Tonka once had an elephant stand on one of their trucks…

The Diecast trucks were then moved into the sandpit for a go at Sam’s favourite game; crashing things and lining them up! We also found it fascinating looking at the different tyre prints and groves the trucks all made.

Proving that the Tonka Diecast range really are built for the extreme, they then ended up being raced down the slide before taking a refreshing dip, with a rogue dinosaur, to cool off after all the excitement!

We had a really great afternoon playing with the Tonka Diecast trucks. They’re a great size for smaller hands to hold and manoeuvre, and really durable too; they’re definitely a toy which will last and be worth the money spent. They’re already firm favourites in the Cuckoo house, and I imagine they will be for a long time to come!

We have one of the Tonka Diecast Emergency three-packs to give away (as pictured below) To be in with a chance of winning it, then all you have to do is like or share my review on Facebook The closing date is June 22nd. And, whilst you’re there, if you fancy giving The Cuckoo Mama’s page a like too, then that would be grand!
Thank you and good luck!

IMG_9877 (2)

Please be advised I was sent these toys in exchange for the review.

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