Family, writing & me

20170604_085437605_iOSHello and welcome to The Cuckoo Mama! I’m Caro, mama to Sam and Pepper pup and wife to Hugh. I’m a freelance writer, IVF warrior, and survivor, ruler of the household and, like to think, all round good egg!

I’ve always had a love of writing, beginning with childhood, typewriter written tomes about ‘Jane of Lilac Grove’, and culminating in a journalism degree. For me, it was always about the column pieces; having the freedom to write from my point of view about whatever it was I wanted to. Obviously, in the early 2000s, when the internet was new and slow and actually had a dial tone to connect, blogging wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, and I knew that, in all likelihood, I’d never be a columnist! Therefore, upon graduating, I decided not to pursue a journalistic career but rather, ended up in Private Equity, via Early Years teacher training. Finally, in May 2017, after being a stay at home mum for almost two years, I took the plunge, got over my technophobia, and did something very much for me; I returned to my writing roots and The Cuckoo Mama was born!

I’d originally set out to create a blog which could act as a forum for creative play, nutritious meals and generally be a place for veritable Mary Poppins-esque folks to connect. And then it all changed and, in a way, quite naturally just became what you see today; an honest, raw and, sometimes, amusing account of the roller-coaster that is infertility and the, subsequent, pandemonium that is parenting.

Since beginning to blog I’ve been award nominated, recognised as one of 2018’s top ten fertility blogs, as well as starting to volunteer for Fertility Network UK and Fruitful Fertility. I now also write for the Huff Post UK, and The Baby Spot; all feats truly surpassing any imaginings I had when I first tapped away, on my keyboard, during a nap time.

But, most importantly, I’ve started to heal, and have found peace, acceptance, and happiness in my situation. Infertility is hell and IVF is incredibly tough however, I have learned that I am not defined by it and have, instead, taught myself to feel proud of my journey, proud of who I am and of all I have achieved. And to use my voice to raise awareness, break taboos and speak out about infertility and miscarriage.

So I’ll keep on speaking out, I’ll, hopefully, keep on healing and I know there’s still so much for me to learn, but I’m not scared of life any more, I trust it again and have faith. As Louisa May Alcott, so beautifully puts it:

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”

Come and sail yours with me too!

Caro x