About me / about us

I’m Caro, mama to Sam and Pepper pup and wife to Mr Cuckoo! Sam is our little miracle ivf bubba and joined our family in September 2015. In the months that followed I decided I couldn’t return to life as a London commuter but that I’d become the most perfect stay at home mama imaginable, we’d spend our days being creative, eating nothing but nutritious organic meals and I’d never get cross…

And then a big dose of reality hit me!

I’d originally started this blog as a resource for creative play, wholesome nosh, enriched childhood experiences and all things in the manner of Mary Poppins, until I realised:

Hey, I’m human!

I like to be creative but I also like wine. I’m a pretty calm person but there are times when patience completely disappears, usually before wine, when I plonk my son in front of the TV and serve a delicious dinner of oven chips and tomato ketchup, that’s organic right?!

But I love being a mama and think my child is pretty darn wonderful! Of course that isn’t to say that some days can be tough, teething, constant low level whinging, high level whinging, those days when naps are short or you realise you haven’t actually had an adult conversation for hours and are covered in another person’s gunk. On those days I live for bedtime and international parenting wine o’clock (wine mentioned again see!). And then I miss him and I want to wake him, give him a cuddle, tell him I love him but, know that’s a very bad idea, so instead I look at photos and videos of him on my phone and delight in this amazing, now thankfully asleep, little being that I grew!

And this is my blog! About me, about us, about what we do together, about what we don’t do together. So join me, on my journey, as I muddle through motherhood one toddler step at a time!