About me / About us

I’m Caro, mama to Sam and Pepper pup and wife to Hugh! Sam is our little ivf miracle and both he, and the hound, joined our family in 2015. In 2016, with each dependent turning one and Southern Rail up the spout, I simply couldn’t face commuting to London again so, instead, decided to become the most perfect stay at home mama imaginable; we’d spend our days sliding down rainbows and eating magical, yet nutritious, fairy spun candy floss.

Then my child began moving and talking and napping less. He started saying “No”, a lot, and stopped eating everything I gave him whilst daring to have his own agenda! He became a toddler, I became tired and decided that, in life, it’s more than enough to simply just give it our finest shot! My bathrooms may not shine, my child may get plonked in front of Little Baby Bum (seriously WTH?) and I may drink too much wine of an evening, but, I’m human, we’re happy and I, mainly! wouldn’t change any of it!

I love being Sam’s mama and, am probably a bit biased here, but think he really is pretty darn wonderful! I’m also incredibly proud of how we got him; Infertility sucks and IVF is tough.

And so this is my blog! About me, about us, about infertility and about my many accidental musings, because; we really are all just trying our best!

Thanks for stopping on by!