Coming Up

Enough of the old already! Let’s see what’s new for The Cuckoo Mama!

Excitingly, the wonderful, Jess Jones from Infertility and Life is going to guest post! Jess is a fellow Huff Post UK blogger and also writes for various online publications too. She’s been heard on BBC Radio Leicestershire and seen on ITV’s Lorraine show. Watch this space!

I’ve recently taken part in another project too, a series called “Your Story”, which will be released in February. It’s an honest and open feature involving various bloggers sharing, you guessed it, their stories! More details, and links, to follow soon.

There’s also, of course, the UK Blog Awards 18, in which The Cuckoo Mama is a shortlisted finalist. The awards ceremony will take place in April so please do keep your fingers, toes, and paws, crossed for me!

And finally, it’s here! Hurrah! We’re off to South Africa! Apologies in advance but I’m likely to be fairly quiet, for the first couple of weeks in February, as I soak up the sun, drink up the wine and experience just what it means to take a toddler on safari…