The Surrey Park Clinic

Surrey Park Clinic-139As part of my freelance work I was commissioned by The Surrey Park Clinic to write about their differing approach to IVF and fertility services. I was invited to spend time with their Guildford team which, initially, sparked a whole host of strange emotions as I’d not stepped foot inside a fertility clinic since my own treatment. It was with mixed feelings that I crossed their threshold. I left, however, feeling completely overwhelmed by what I saw.

In a world where fertility treatment costs are rising and patients are often on a conveyor belt, I saw a unique and refreshingly transparent service. IVF is often billed as a magical cure when the sad truth is it doesn’t always work for everyone. It’s therefore only fair, and ethical, that clinics are honest, truthfully presenting the reality of each situation; clients are real people who deserve kindness and humanity as well as a professional service.

Surrey Park Clinic-108
The Surrey Park Guildford team

Infertility is often described as a battle and, at times, it’s not only a battle to conceive it’s also a fight for treatment and access to medical teams. Patients should never have to solely become their own advocates, pushing for consultations or changes to procedures and the right to try another option. I was amazed to find that all treatment is Consultant-led, enabling those important decisions to be made competently and compassionately, yet also with speed. Finding a clinic with the right patient values at its core is incredibly important; determination can only get an infertile so far meaning the unending support of a caring medical team is invaluable. In an industry so often full of controversy, I found genuine care and a will to try to do what is right for every single patient.

To read my article and visit The Surrey Park Clinic’s website then click here.

egg donation with the surrey park clinic

Creating a family now comes in many differing and wonderful ways. Since the birth of the first egg donation child in 1984, it’s an IVF option which has steadily grown to become a widely accepted and practiced treatment for female related infertility.

Institute Bernabeu, Alicante

Alongside the wide range of fertility treatments available, Surrey Park Clinic offers an egg donation IVF service for patients embarking upon this route. Working in close partnership with Institute Bernabeu, in Spain’s Alicante, patients are fully supported by two clinics, receiving personalised and professional care throughout the process. To find out more about egg donation with The Surrey Park Clinic, and why they work in tandem with a Spanish facility, you can read my article here.