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If you’ve found your way here via the torturous path of infertility then, welcome. As you can see, IVF did work for me and, after seven treatment cycles, I did get my miracle. I do write about my son, amongst many other things, and understand it could be painful for you to read about my family life. And that’s completely fine! I’ve tried to set out my blog so that those battling infertility can, hopefully, find a safety net of support, care and shared experiences, without having to plough through other posts.

Experiencing infertility was, without a doubt, the toughest ordeal I have ever faced. I was ashamed. I felt alone. There was guilt, grief, physical and mental pain and, at times, I couldn’t breathe with the weight of desperation suffocating me.

It’s known that infertility currently affects one in six couples in the UK and there are, a staggering, five million miracle beings, worldwide, born after successful IVF treatment.

However, IVF isn’t a given, it doesn’t always work and often takes numerous attempts to conceive and then carry a baby to term.

For those of you currently facing infertility, IVF and involuntary childlessness, please know I’m here. No judgement. No taboo. Just someone who has been there and can lend an ear.

Infertility sucks. It’s real and it’s tough, but please know you’re not alone. There are blogs and forums and charities to help and support.

Together we can break the taboo surrounding infertility and miscarriage.

Infertility: Start here…