#CryingShame with Fertility Network UK

Infertility is real. And it’s tough. It’s the exhausting daily battle of a war no one asks to be part of. Yet we are, and fighting becomes all we know. We fight for fair treatment, we fight for different protocols, we fight for the people we once were and the parents we so desperately desire to be. Fertility Network UK are there to help anyone affected by fertility issues. Read about their #CryingShame campaign and the invaluable support available. … More #CryingShame with Fertility Network UK

Samantha’s story: Egg Donation IVF

There are many differing and miraculous ways children are conceived. Alongside the “straightforward” path of IVF there are additional routes which can be explored when creating a much-longed for family. Sperm donors and gestational carriers are just two of the wonderful alternatives we now have, thanks to advances in medical science. There is also the … More Samantha’s story: Egg Donation IVF