Fertility Network UK

fertility network ukFertility Network UK is the UK’s leading patient-focussed fertility charity, supporting those living with infertility on an emotional and practical level. Offering support services, information and access to a community of people affected by fertility problems. Their support line is manned by a trained nurse, they work within communities and provide online support too.

FNUK also fight for fairness, tackling the government over the NHS IVF postcode lottery and launching a recent fertility in the workplace campaign, aiming to provide support for both employers and employees whilst individuals are working and undergoing fertility treatments.

It’s through my relationship with FNUK that I’ve found the courage to make more noise about what I believe in. Whilst it will always remain incredibly important to me to break taboos, raise awareness and get people talking about infertility and miscarriage, I’ve also discovered a spark within me that absolutely wants to use my voice as an advocate, and I’ve been fortunate enough to stand alongside FNUK to do so. Everyone deserves the right to try for a child, no one should struggle in silence, and compassion and humanity are essential, in all aspects of infertility.

I never wanted infertility to define me and yet these days; I do. I’m proud, I’m fighting, I’m supporting. And I’ll keep on raising my voice, helping to bring these issues to the forefront, to be debated, to be spoken about openly and to, hopefully, influence change.

Infertility is real.

Involuntary childlessness is real.

But the support is there and you are not alone.

For anyone living with infertility or involuntary childlessness, I’d highly recommend visiting Fertility Network UK