I was recently involved in a lovely series, organised by The Baby & The Boardroom, in which various mums were asked to write about a day in their life. As well as a bit of fun #ThisMum has also offered a real insight in to the lives of other mums and showcased a whole range … More #ThisMum

UK Blog Awards 2018: A vote for lil ole ME?

Rather humblingly, excitingly and incredibly proudly, The Cuckoo Mama has been nominated in the 2018 UK Blog Awards or #UKBA2018 as the cool kids are calling it! Having only begun my blog in May, this year, I have been utterly overwhelmed with the response, support and relative success I’ve had. It’s been a cathartic, fun … More UK Blog Awards 2018: A vote for lil ole ME?

Let’s just play!

This morning I spent half an hour lying under my kitchen table with Sam and, his best train friends, Thomas and Percy, playing “table tunnel”. It was whilst I was down there, surrounded by sticky things, a shrivelled up piece of lettuce and dog hairs that I thought; when was the last time we actually … More Let’s just play!