Infertility Resources

Infertility can, often, be a lonely, daunting and overwhelming place. It can be incredibly difficult to tell others and hard, for those who have never experienced such pain, to fully understand. Thankfully, there’s now an incredibly strong and scintillating community of women, and men, speaking out. Raising issues, breaking taboos and offering much needed, invaluable, support.

There are a whole range of beautifully honest, open and informative blogs out there covering a whole host of infertility issues and situations which arise. I’ve started, very slowly I’m afraid, to compile an, ever growing, list of resources, which will hopefully be useful and offer varying insights, and encouragement, into the many, differing infertility roads others have taken, and are still travelling along.

I absolutely love Jay Palumbo’s blog The 2 Week Wait which is definitely worth a read whether you’re fighting with infertility or not. I’d also recommend Mish Slade’s The Duff, in which she attempts to make sense of everything IVF related. Not an easy task! If you’re looking for all things infertility then definitely delve into the world of The Stirrup Queens; Mel’s Blog Roll and Blog Round Up are some of the most in-depth coverage of all aspects of infertility that I’ve come across.

It’s definitely worth taking a look at online fertility magazine; IVF Babble, and their Fertility Buddy app. Another on my list is Fertility Smarts – especially their incredibly in-depth dictionary which helps fathom the overwhelming amount of acronyms, medical terms and phrases banded about in the world of infertility.

I’m currently freelancing for Egg Donation Friends, an online platform for those interested in IVF using egg donors or gestational carriers. As part of their website they offer free webinars, hosted by fertility specialists from around the world, discussing various topics from fresh or frozen cycles, to the ever controversial three or five-day transfer decision.

For a truly breath-taking view of embryos, hatching, thawing and throughout all the different stages, then I’d highly recommend following IVF_Explained on Instagram. This account, set up by an embryology lab director and fertility consultant, completely blew me away, reminding me of the sheer beauty of medical science, whilst also raising and discussing hugely important IVF topics.

If you write your own infertility blog then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can add you to my resources list. Alternatively, if you’re a visitor and want to let other readers know about some of the blogs that have helped you, please also get in touch. My aim is to, slowly but surely, build up a space where those, living childless not by choice, can come and find support, compassion and advocacy.

I’ll finally point you in the direction of Fertility Network UK, a wonderful charity, which I have the honour of volunteering for, and is there for anyone who has ever experienced fertility problems. And lastly, The Dovecote, an organisation which is run by the truly inspirational Kelly, and offers a wonderful network of support to those who live with involuntary childlessness.