Note to self: Carry a cow

Knock knock! Who’s there? Oh hello terrible twos, what’s that? You’ve officially entered my house, well, I’d like you to go please. No, it’s definitely not rude if you leave early, it would honestly be very welcome indeed and no need to call back. That’s it, just shut the door behind you on the way… Continue reading Note to self: Carry a cow

She’s coming, she’s coming…

I was recently out with some friends of a mum friend of mine when the topic of “What’s the best moment of your life?” came up. I had half an ear to the conversation whilst my mind began a-whirring, searching my memory bank to find that one, truly important moment which surpasses all others. There… Continue reading She’s coming, she’s coming…

Blogger Recognition Award

So I’ve only done gone and got myself nominated for a blogger recognition award! I was completely flabbergasted and incredibly honoured to have received such a huge nod from the blogging community – thank you for your support! Now, in order to accept this wonderful award there are a couple of rules I need to… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

This one’s for you, Miss P!

Having a toddler is a bit like having a feral dog. They’re cute and playful and sweetly loiter around under your feet all day but boy can they be rank. They have sticky paws, toddlers this is, dribble, snot and on occasion are known to sneeze cheese over folk (man on flight back from Faro… Continue reading This one’s for you, Miss P!

Why I decided to blog!

I recently came across my old IVF diaries and it completely broke my heart to re-read them. My pain had been so raw, I was angry, depressed, grieving and confused. I wrote a lot about being in what I described as “Limbo Land; that place between history and the future; what currently is and what… Continue reading Why I decided to blog!