#ivfwebinars with Egg Donation Friends

Living with infertility is many things but, I’m sure anyone who has ever been there will agree, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. Not only is it an emotionally frightening void of heartbreak, pain and the unknown, it’s also utterly and completely petrifying, when faced with the medical science side of things. It’s as is, overnight, … More #ivfwebinars with Egg Donation Friends

Whitebeard: An interview with author M.C.D Etheridge

I’m incredibly excited to present to you, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the latest adventure novelist to sail onto the literary scene: M.C.D. Etheridge. This talented author is already making waves and receiving rave reviews for his debut novel: Whitebeard, which tells the alternative, magical tale of the pirate who would become Father Christmas… … More Whitebeard: An interview with author M.C.D Etheridge

Huff Post UK, Michelle Obama, infertility, IVF & miscarriage

When Huff Post UK approached me to write a piece on Michelle Obama, miscarriage and IVF, I was completely honoured, overwhelmed and scared; I desperately wanted to give this courageous revelation the words it so rightly deserved. And so, I did what I do, and began to write. I think I cried through every sentence. … More Huff Post UK, Michelle Obama, infertility, IVF & miscarriage

What is IVF?

One of the questions I’ve often been asked, by the friends and family of those undertaking fertility treatments, is: What is IVF? Huge topic hey? I am absolutely by no means an expert or a scientist or even have any medical background; I’m merely a person who went through multiple rounds of fertility treatments. But, … More What is IVF?

Instilling green values in our children: A guest post by Green & Growing

When Kylie, editor at Green & Growing blog, contacted me to write a guest post, I absolutely jumped at the chance. Caring about the world is something my family take very seriously and I find it a huge responsibility knowing that it’s part of my role to encourage green behaviour in Sam. Kylie, very helpfully, … More Instilling green values in our children: A guest post by Green & Growing

IVF Fails. Fact.

As Louise Brown, the world’s first “test tube” baby, turns 40, this month, we’re reminded of the joy IVF can bring to millions of people worldwide. However, what is often forgotten is that IVF fails. Fact. It’s an incredibly sad truth and one which not everyone is aware of, initially, including me. There’s a huge … More IVF Fails. Fact.