Just eat it. Please. You can have some yoghurt later…

My child won’t eat my food, and apparently, well, according to Google, I’m not alone, and unfortunately, also according to Google, there’s not really much I can do about it; it’s a “phase”.

Well ain’t that just dandy?

I love food, like really love food! You know that good, wholesome, home-cooked, incredibly scrummy food that’s not necessarily low in calories but whilst it might not be great for the waistline, it is great for your soul, that type of food! I love to cook, I love to feed and I love mealtimes; a chance to sit together, share food, put the world to rights and feel merry, although that could just be the wine! Anyhow I digress. As you can probably imagine I therefore had this wonderful notion that Sam would heartily dive right on in to my homemade nosh, enjoying a varied diet from comforting spag bol to wildly exotic Thai lentils and all accompanied by a side of healthy greens, which of course he eats joyfully, laughing, pure glee and happiness radiating off him as he shovels it in spoonful after spoonful whilst simultaneously baby signing for “more”.

Queue reality. I shan’t describe it, you’ll know!

He did eat. He weaned incredibly well, loved mush and even gobbled down spinach, kale and all manner of things green. I was happy, I was smug, I was virtuous.

He’s 20 months now and it’s completely hit and miss, what he enjoyed last week can often be vile this week. And I totally take offence, I’m simply not adult enough (yet?) not take it personally as he claws at the inside of his mouth trying to completely rid himself of whatever God awful taste my food has planted there saying “No, no” and pushing his plate away, sometimes even crying with the horror of it all, as in the case of the fish pie.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not malnourished and in reality he eats well enough, at times, but it’s not always what I want him to eat and I think therein lies the problem! Of course he’s going to prefer real mini cheddars over my lovingly homemade no salt no added anything variation and let’s be fair to him, blueberries are waaaay tastier than broccoli, especially when served with yoghurt, but I do worry that I’m creating some sort of fruit and sweet things monster who I’m never going to be able to reason with and will ultimately end up with an unhealthy child / real person who never eats vegetables, pulls food out of his mouth with disgust and, well basically, that I’ll have been an utter failure as a mother, being judged by all and sundry for my child’s hatred of vegetables.

My husband has told me to chill out.

I’ve definitely lowered my expectations of mealtimes and I do try to be more understanding and therefore regularly blame teeth (Lord knows what I’ll blame when he actually has them all) and I’m also trying something new; acceptance! Well ain’t that just all grown up?! Acceptance that some days he simply just doesn’t fancy what I’ve served, I still point blank refuse to accept it’s my cooking though! I follow some wonderful baby food bloggers and do keep trying new things with him, every now and again he surprises me and eats it, then others we’re back to our staple diet of fruit and yoghurt! I’m convinced / hopeful that when I look back I’ll have either forgotten this no eating lark or if the pain is still raw, it will at least have just been a “phase”. And in the meantime, at least the dog is having an incredibly well balanced and varied diet!

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