Utterly overwhelmed

Just a really quick little post to say how utterly and completely overwhelmed I am to the response to yesterday’s blog about my infertility journey. I can only echo my words again and stress that infertility should absolutely not be a taboo subject and you people out there have made me feel incredibly proud to have shared my story with you. You’ve also made me feel proud for what I went through and I’ll say this to you: If you’ve experienced infertility then you should be proud of yourself too; proud if you went through IVF; proud if you made the tough decision to end treatment and proud if you decided that following the medical path of fertility simply wasn’t for you. And do you know why you should be proud? You should be proud because of your strength, you should be proud because you’ve had to live with this every day, and coped, and you should be proud because infertility utterly and completely sucks and yet you found a way to survive it. Take that infertility; we choose to overcome you.

I write this whilst having a good old sob, wishing that none of us ever had to go through this but knowing that millions of us already have and many more will. I can only hope that through talking and sharing and being proud we can possibly, somehow, somewhere help make someone else’s journey just that little bit easier.

Thank you for your support. It genuinely means a hell of a lot to me.

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