Covid-19 and Assisted Reproduction

Update: As of May 11th, fertility clinics are able to apply to reopen for patients.
Further information can be found here

Living with infertility is overwhelming, baffling and complex, even under the most “normal” of circumstances. The Covid-19 pandemic has, naturally, led to further confusion as treatments and procedures have been halted, for the foreseeable future, leaving many, who were within reach of hope, left to endure yet more waiting.

On March 27th, clinical guidance from the British Fertility Society and the Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists stated that UK licensed fertility centres were to suspend all new fertility treatments, advising that any procedures, already initiated, should be completed no later than April 15th.

As of yet, there is no agreed date as to when UK fertility clinics may be permitted to continue with treatments. Understandably this news will have brought about considerable disappointment, and for anyone who has had their treatment postponed, I’m incredibly sorry.

Whilst I’m no medical expert myself, I’m thankful that there are many who are and below you will find links to various sites and articles, which I hope can help advise and support during these strange times.

I wish you all the best for your future treatments.

Information regarding the closure of clinics

HFEA – Coronavirus guidance for patients

British Fertility Society – What fertility patients need to know about Covid-19 plans

The Fertility Partnership – What the coronavirus measures mean for UK patients

Support are offering daily online events to support patients as part of their ‘Stronger Together’ campaign. You can find further information here.

Fertility Network UK have a support line, regional help and email assistance. Click here for details.

Finally, I’ll include a link to a talk by Angela Pericleous-Smith, BICA Specialist fertility counsellor, offering advice and strategies to cope during this difficult time.


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