Redefining strength after infertility – An article for Fertility Smarts

Following on from proudly receiving the Blogger of the Month accolade, for Fertility Smarts, it was an honour to work with them and be featured on their inspirational and supportive website. For anyone living with infertility, or those supporting someone through this struggle, I’d highly recommend taking a look. Article first published by Fertility Smarts. … More Redefining strength after infertility – An article for Fertility Smarts

Heartbreak, hope and hormones in the workplace

IVF is a full-time job. The appointments are endless and if it’s not the appointments, it’s the reams of paperwork. If it’s not the paperwork, it’s the procedures. Then there’s the medicating, the scans, the blood tests, the research, the injecting. And if it’s none of the above, it’s the emotional trauma, which is always … More Heartbreak, hope and hormones in the workplace

IVF Fails. Fact.

As Louise Brown, the world’s first “test tube” baby, turns 40, this month, we’re reminded of the joy IVF can bring to millions of people worldwide. However, what is often forgotten is that IVF fails. Fact. It’s an incredibly sad truth and one which not everyone is aware of, initially, including me. There’s a huge … More IVF Fails. Fact.

A hope in hell

I was recently asked how on earth I kept hope during our infertility and round after round of “treatments”. And, if the truth be told, I didn’t. I simply couldn’t. In the beginning there was hope, why wouldn’t there be? Those of you who have followed my blog regularly will know that it took me … More A hope in hell

Happy IVF-ing Birthday!

Article first published in the Huff Post UK On November 10th 1977, Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards performed a procedure which was to result in the world’s first IVF baby. Almost nine months later Louise Brown was born and since then more than five million babies have entered this world after being conceived with the … More Happy IVF-ing Birthday!

A second child?

I have recently been touched by the various articles and blogs I have seen surrounding miscarriage, bravely written during Baby Loss Awareness Week. It’s a subject incredibly close to my heart. Like many others, I have experienced loss. I have known pain and suffering and grief. You see, my son is a multiple round IVF … More A second child?