abc ivf and questions to ask a fertility clinic

Discovering that IVF is needed can be incredibly overwhelming and daunting. The information is often confusing and conflicting, continuously surrounded by the bewildering language and acronyms of infertility. During our first cycle of ICSI, my husband and I were incredibly naïve. We didn’t realise that we were actually allowed to ask questions, raise concerns, or that we’d need to become our own advocates. However, I came to learn that, when it comes to treatment, knowledge is truly power; a power which helped to arm and protect us when we were at our most vulnerable.

As part of my work with abc ivf I’ve compiled a list of seven questions, which I feel are incredibly important to ask a private fertility clinic, before embarking upon assisted reproduction.

It’s imperative to ask, ask and ask away. Please never feel embarrassed to voice what may seem like irrelevant or insignificant questions because, if they matter to you, then they matter, and are absolutely valid.

To read my full article visit the abc ivf blog.

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