UK Blog Awards 2018: A vote for lil ole ME?

Rather humblingly, excitingly and incredibly proudly, The Cuckoo Mama has been nominated in the 2018 UK Blog Awards or #UKBA18 as the cool kids are calling it!

Having only begun my blog in May, this year, I have been utterly overwhelmed with the response, support and relative success I’ve had. It’s been a cathartic, fun and humbling experience and one which has, indubitably, taught me lessons about myself, my writing and why I do this. Sharing yourself, opening up and being so raw can, at times, be difficult, some of my pieces have often left me feeling vulnerable, a bit scared about what folks might think and left me questioning whether I’ve, perhaps, revealed a bit too much. However, I’ve always felt it was right to do so and, well, I’m nothing if not a gut reaction person who is, usually, led by emotions and the heart – as you’ve probably seen through some of my posts!

I never imagined I’d struggle to become a mum, never knew just how life changing being infertile and then becoming a parent would be. I also never dreamed I’d end up having my own blog, writing for the HuffPost UK and be sharing my life so publically with so many of you. Yet, that’s, somehow, what happened.

Interestingly, I was never going to write about me. That wasn’t what my blog was, initially, for. I was never going to talk about infertility of IVF or those days when I’d really struggled as a parent, been tired, doubted my abilities and felt utterly, utterly useless, but, do you know what? that’s my life. It’s who I am. Yes, I make mistakes, I also do things right, sometimes! I did struggle to conceive, it wasn’t an easy ride for us, I didn’t become the picture perfect parent I wanted to be, but, hey, I’m me, I’m proud of me and I love my family intensely; I’m thankful, grateful and blessed. And that’s what my blog ended up being about! Real life, because, as my ole tag line says; we really are all just trying our best – and well done to us for simply giving it all a go!

If you’d like to vote for me then you can reach my profile here! I’m nominated for two categories; Lifestyle & Parenting, and you can vote for both, at once, rather efficiently! by selecting the first option on the drop down categories bar.

I genuinely thank you all for supporting me. I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved in the last seven months and of the person my blog has helped me to become. I’ve been humbled by the friends, and strangers, who have been in touch to tell me their stories, share their pain, and joy, and thank for me for helping them feel less lonely; I, in turn, thank you for helping me feel less alone. At the end of the day, we’re all in this game o’ life together.

And whilst, of course, it is nice to be recognised and nominated for awards, it’s not the reason I write. Win, or not (which is more likely!) I live in hope that attention, like this, will, ultimately, be a good way to get my blog out there, to reach more people and therefore be able to help others along the way too.

Once again, thank you.

And here’s to the next adventures we embark upon together!

Caro x

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